Zincboy – Bizarre Book [CD]

„Bizarre Book” is, as the title states, a bizarre book filled to the brim with various melodies. As the feelings of the author potrayed in each track seem to have a common denominator and they create the whole picture. It is a caleidoscope of emotions which accompanies the author in the evaluation of the condition of today’s world. In these uncertain times, Zincboy encourage us to think about the simpler times when people were not chasing mindlessly the inevitable autodestruction. It is also a hope for the better future and a consent for his position on Earth. It is a melancholic history, a dream of freedom, an anxiety from loneliness and joy of having memories. Album revolves around trip hop sounds and psychodelic motives that distort ears. „Bizarre Book” is a continuation of „District of Fading Lights”.

cover art by @collapsense


1 That was fun 5:28
2 Torn 2:35
3 Try again feat. Łukasz Lech 1:10
4 Black suits feat. Włóczykij 3:37
5 Empty road feat. Augustyn & hvll 2:18
6 Get back home 2:33
7 Undermine feat. Włóczykij 3:19
8 Playstation 2 0:46
9 You can fly 2:49
10Serious vow feat. Włóczykij 2:22
11 Last chapter (outro) 1:11

12. Road to nowhere feat. PRAF & Etna 03:48
13. Was it a spaceship? 00:55
14. Stain feat. Atrament & Augustyn 03:54